Talk Topics


I have updated my talks to cover a wide range of topics; I can also tailor a talk specifically for your group. I do in person talks in the Sydney Metropolitan area, or via Zoom. For in person talks, I prefer daytime sessions.

I will travel to close country NSW towns and the ACT. Please contact me to discuss my speaker fee.

New Talk Topics

**Exploring the City of Sydney Archives.

Still in development, but will look at what there is on offer on this site.

  •  Military Websites

In this talk I look a a range of websites, from the Boer War to the Gulf War. I showcase what each site covers and then do a ‘live’ search, show how they work.

  •      Organising a Research Project.

Using my 2024 research project I give practical hints and tips is setting up a year long research project. In 2024 I am research various ancestral lines, with the hope of adding more details to the lines. Each month I ask questions as to what I want to find and achieve in the month.  

  • Mind mapping for Family Historians.

I discuss what mind Mapping is and how to do a mind map. I will guide you through several exercises on mind mapping and discuss mind mapping software.

  • Beginning Genealogy.

A hands-on approach to starting your genealogy journey. I cover pedigree charts and family group sheets. I will look at where to start and how to work backwards and discuss the difference between a certificate and a transcription.

  • Looking at three interesting free Australian websites.

I take you through Digital Panopticon, the Australian War Memorial and Trove, looking at what each contains and how you can use them.

  • Saving Money, by Staying Put.

Looking at several more FREE websites and what they contain. This can be tailored to specific sites, if required.

  • So, you want a DNA test – Or do you?

In this talk I look at three main testing sites: Ancestry, MyHeritage and FamilyTreeDNA. I will show you what tools they have to help you with your DNA and look at some of the pitfalls a DNA test can uncover.

  • Your the Voice.

Becoming the Family Storyteller. Some tips on how to write the stories.

More Talk Topics.


An in depth look at Australian copyright and how and what it covers. I also look at what various websites, like Trove, and their copyright guidelines.

How to set-up your Blog.

I take you through two blogging platforms, WordPress and Blogger, looking at the pros and cons of both, so you can make an informed decision on which one to use. I also discuss why you should have a blog.

Copyright and Ethics.

In this talk we look at copyright as related to the ethical use of documents, photos etc.

Trove and how to use it.

Come and play in Trove and discover the hidden gems it contains. I will show you how to set up a free account, add tags and much more.

The Australian War Memorial – Making the most of its collection.

While we all know about doing a person search, I will explore more of the wonderful unique collection the Australian War Memorial holds.

A look at Digital Panopticon, and related Convict sites.

Explore Digital Panopticon and then look at other Convict websites, to discover more about your convict ancestors.

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